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How Wuhan’s coronavirus can contaminate the economy


Sahel: 18 civilians executed in Burkina Faso by a group of jihadists


Emmanuel Macron visits Poland to ease tensions


Cameroonian student in China contracts coronavirus

A 21-year-old Cameroonian student in China has become the first African known to be diagnosed with the deadly coronavirus. In a statement, Yangtze University said the student was being...

Kenya dam collapse: Nine suspects cleared of manslaughter charges

A court in Kenya has acquitted nine people charged with causing the deaths of nearly 50 people following the collapse of a dam in 2018. The accused - who...

Coronavirus: China accuses US of causing panic and ‘spreading fear’

The Chinese government has accused the US of causing "panic" in its response to the deadly coronavirus outbreak. It follows the US decision to declare a public health emergency...
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