The Obama Show is an English show promoted and hosted by Seydou Sy alias Obama on YouTube every Saturday. The aim of the show is first of all to promote the English language and share the great work our hardworking men and women are doing. Through the different episodes, our guests talk about their experience in a specific domain and inspire the viewers with a final speech called a message to the world. The different episodes of the show are available on our YouTube channel and on our website   


As mentioned above, the aim of the Obama show is to promote English and share the great work done by our hardworking men and women.  TheObamaShow also aims at assisting teachers to improve their pedagogical abilities and update their teaching strategies through our different rubrics.


During the first and the second season of the show, we only interviewed our guests and give a 5-minute English class and some special shows where we cover English club events, seminars, workshops organized by teachers. After the first two seasons, teachers around the country expressed their expectations and gave relevant feedbacks which allowed us to think about a

ways to improve the show and make it a way for teachers and students to discover the beauty of the English language through the following rubrics:


This is one of the innovations of the Obama show. English is fun is a rubric in which the guest will share with our viewers activities  teachers can do in their classes, in English clubs to learn English and have fun in the meantime.


Teachers are giving interesting classes in a very creative and exciting way and sometime they have no way to share it with their colleagues and get feedbacks. This rubric will allow teachers to share those activities and their teaching strategies with the world. The guest teacher will present their lesson with the different steps to follow and eventual communicative activities. They will also demonstrate how some activities are irrelevant with that given lesson.


The quiz is just a way to make everyone participate in the show and get rewarded. During the very show, a quiz will be given to our audience and they can give their answer by commenting the video to get a chance to win a prize.


The moto of the show is work worth sharing, so dissemination is a rubric where teachers, entrepreneurs, doctors, community leaders will give a presentation on a given topic. This rubric will also help teachers who seldom attend workshops due to their busy schedule. Dissemination aims also at sharing the experience of participants of exchange programs (ILEP, TESOL, FULBRIGHT….) when they return home.


As we are in a French speaking country, many of us have difficulties to speak English without misusing or mispronouncing certain English words. This rubric aims at helping use and pronounce those words properly. Many of us would say ‘’ He accepted to come’’ instead of ‘’ He agreed to come’’. The first one seems correct to us though it is not. This rubric is here to fix such errors.

    December 30, 2018

                                                                                                                                Seydou Sy

Telephone: 772580137

Address: Medina fall Thiès





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